Who and What I Collect

First and foremost, I am a Yankees fan. It doesn't matter the era, I will take all of them that I can find. Beyond that I collect select some former Durham Bulls players and a few other miscellaneous players and/or categories(see the list below for specifics).
  • Kevin Kiermaier
  • Taylor Motter
  • Blake Snell
  • Richie Shaffer
  • Steven Souza Jr.
  • Evan Longoria
  • Alex Cobb
  • Chris Archer
  • Jake Odorizzi
  • Matt Andriese
  • Jaime Schultz
  • Daniel Robertson
  • Casey Gillaspie
  • Willy Adames
  • Wool E. Bull
  • Trea Turner (former NC State guy)
  • Carlos Rodon (former NC State guy)
  • Negro League players
  • Season Highlights/Record Breakers cards
  • Playoff/World Series cards
  • Oddball issues
While my main focus these days is on Baseball, I am an avid Denver Broncos fan. I will take any and all current/former Broncos that I can find as well. The only non-Bronco player collections that I currently have are:

  • Mario Williams
  • Russell Wilson 
  • Julius Peppers

I also collect WWE/WWF/WCW/TNA and UFC cards. So if you have any of these floating around that need a good home, look no further.

If anyone is interested in setting up a trade, please send me an email at: tim dot trisomenc at gmail dot com I'm happy to take on any new trading partners.


  1. I think that I am going to drop a Broncos bomb on you. Well shortly after the 4th.

  2. I might have some Yankees stuff I can send you soon. I'll email you when I've got a nice lot set aside for you.

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  4. I can probably hook you up w/ some Yankees, Broncos and random WWE cards. Let me see what I can pull once I get off the road and back home. I'll be in touch.