November 5, 2016

That Time the Durham Bulls Won the World Series

Wow! Here we are more than 48 hours after the final out of game seven and I'm still in awe of how great that game(and the Series) was. It was truly a team effort that ended the 108 year drought. However, once the rain had subsided and the tarp was taken off the field, the difference makers were a few guys that spent some minor league time in good ol' Durham, NC.

Mike Montgomery was a fave of mine during his time in the Bulls' uni. He was one of the few Cubs relievers that actually saw the mound in the Series and he was serviceable during his appearances through game 6. I'll always remember him for his part in a combined no-hitter in Durham a few seasons back, but I'm sure he'll be remembered by everyone else for the two pitches in November 2016 that earned him his first career save and earned the Cubs their long awaited third World Series championship.

There he is, Mr. World Series MVP, Ben Zobrist. Unfortunately, I wasn't going to the ballpark during the time he spent playing in the Bull City. I do have this card from the 2007 Bulls team set to remember it by though.

As I previously mentioned, I was pulling for the Cubs to win the championship and I was beyond thrilled that a few guys with some local ties helped them do just that. Congrats to all of the lifelong Cubs fans in our community, I hope you enjoy this victory and this new montage set to Eddie Vedder's 'All the Way'.

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  1. Ha! Love the young Zobrist on that card. Thanks for sharing that one!