December 11, 2016

On the First Day of Trade Posts...

As I begin my quest to once again get caught up on posting the great cardboard that has arrived over the past few months, I will focus one a more recent arrival. Not too long ago, I found a small bubble mailer from Mr. Scott(of Bob Walk the Plank fame) at my doorstep. As always, the contents were few, but the quality was incredible!

I may be one of the few Yankee fans that is actually hoping that Refsnyder can find a permanent home with the big club this coming season. I saw him play in Durham while he was with the Scranton Railriders and was fortunate to shake his hand and get an IP auto. I hadn't yet tracked down a copy of this Topps Chrome rookie auto and was thrilled to see it in this package. There was only one other card in the envelope, but it was awesome!

Silver framed McCann! While he is not my favorite current Yankee, I love these framed parallels. This is only the second one of these I've been able to add to my collection since Topps began producing them. The best thing about the package was the note which simply said it had been a while since he had sent something my way. Thanks Matt, I've got a decent stack of Buccos ready to send your way. Hey should be set to arrive some time before the holiday. I hope everyone stays tuned for days 2-12 coming up. Thanks for reading!


  1. Matt is the unsung hero of blogosphere generosity

  2. Having never seen them before, I have to say that those silver framed Topps sure are attractive.

  3. I'm glad you liked the McCann. I know he is not well liked by a lot of the Yankee collectors. The silver frames are some of my favorites as well. I was really disappointed when Topps made them 1/1's.