February 11, 2017

The Road to WrestleMania Took Me to Target for My Birthday

I intended to write a WWE post on Royal Rumble Sunday, but for many reasons, that just didn't work out. In the early stages of 2017, I've actually busted more wrestling product than anything else(so far). So , I happened to be in Target a few days before I finally got my hands on some retail 2017 Topps Baseball and instead of finding blasters, and hangers, and value packs(oh my) I found my first 2017 pack of this instead:

I don't usually pick up too much of the Road to WrestleMania product, but I always grab a few of these value packs to have a sampling. I got home and ripped right into it, slightly less disappointed than I would have been since I still hadn't found any new baseball on the shelf(or pegs).

I didn't realize until I took the picture of the pack(a split second before opening it) that you cold clearly see that Triple H was the first card in the pack, and there he is. These are not part of the base set, but rather a separate WM insert, of which there were several in the pack. These three just happen to be a few of my favorite performers in the business right now, so I thought I'd scan them.

Hey look, there they are again! I particularly love the Ambrose from Money in the Bank since it shows him moments after cashing in the briefcase and winning his first World Championship.

Here are a few more base highlights. I'm not her biggest fan, but that is quite an awesome photo on that Charlotte Flair card!

Here is the promised Undertaker career retrospective insert. The Cena has slightly higher odds as they fall only 1:3 packs. These are both nicely designed cards that showcase two,of the biggest names in WWE history from really early in their respective careers. There was one more 'card' in the pack. It was a coupon for $0.50 off any Road to WrestleMania product purchase. This of course gave me a reason to go back to Target so I could pick out another pack. All told, my first pack of a 2017 WWE product was solid.

Fast forward to Thursday. I was out of the house early and had some time to spare before the start of my shift, so I figured I'd treat myself to a discounted, Birthday pack of WWE cards. When I arrived to the card aisle, someone had lined up the only three value packs of this product neatly on top of a 2016 Topps factory set. I took a quick glance at them and grabbed the one which I could clearly see had The Rock's WM card on top. I used my coupon and paid for the pack. Since I still had some time before I needed to be at work, I decided to rip the pack in the car.

There's my second Undertaker insert and the WM Rock that I knew was in there. The KO was also a nice find since he too is one of my current favorites.

Turns out it was a Sting hot pack! I pulled the base and bronze parallel of the card highlighting his WWE Hall of Fame induction. Then there was more Ambrose and Triple H. Next up, Charlotte channeling her father, The Nature Boy! I scanned that last one just because it had Mick Foley on it. I was digging another solid pack, then I flipped to this:

I was in shock. Bray isn't one of my favorite characters, but he has great skills on the mic and is fairly popular. I noticed right away that unlike many Topps autos these days, this was not a sticker-graph. The on-card signature paired up with the design really makes this card pop. I was feeling pretty good about that pack choice and finished flipping through the few remaining cards. Then I went back through the entire stack one more time. It was on the second time through that I turned the autograph card over.

WOW! I literally did a double take. I had just pulled my first 1/1! Now, I've got two or three printing plates of former Durham Bulls in the collection, but I didn't pull those from packs. Once I stopped staring at the serial number, I decided to check the odds on the pack.

The odds of a red auto parallel are 1:40,284.That was some crazy pack picking/ripping mojo! I fully expected that since the packs had been laid out in a row that they had already been 'searched' for hits, but fortunately this slipped through. Yay, Happy Birthday to me! Thanks for reading.


  1. Congrats on the pull! I saw those at Target yesterday and was tempted but didn't get any. I may now...thanks for the review.

  2. Nioe pull. WWE needs to use Bray a lot better. His mic skills alone are under utilized. But his whole character started out great, but they just let it fade a bit, and then stopped giving him a push. So much of his character can be explored for new angles.

  3. Holy crap! That Bray Wyatt card is awesome!

  4. Dang son, you did good! Glad to see others blogging about wrestling cardboard too. I've got my first blaster of the RTW sitting here beside me waiting to be opened. Grabbed it with my 2nd blaster of the Divas Revolution and pulled a nice Nikki Bella auto. Added your blog to my blogroll (cardboardcollections.blogspot.com) so I can follow you easier.

  5. cool auto Tim! I have to be honest - my knowledge of wrestling is zero anymore. I was a big fan in the 80s. Back in Oklahoma, my sis and I went all the time. We loved The Fantastics, Hacksaw Jim Duggan and the Rock n Roll Express. Always had ringside seats and cheered for the good guys!

    1. Julie, the fact you got to see Mid-South Wrestling live during its heyday is awesome! I bet you've got some great stories.

  6. Not a fan of the RTW set as a whole...but that hit...man, I am jealous! He's my favorite character right now. Congrats!

    -kin (ifeellikeacollectoragain.blogspot.com)