March 25, 2017

The 11th Day of Trade Posts - Supertrader Style

Rolling right on through to the next severely overdue thank you post. Today's trade package arrived in my mailbox courtesy of AJ, The Lost Collector. He's a fellow Yankees guy for those who don't know, but the majority of this package was of the Supertrader variety. For me, that means Rays for days! Sorry, I'm apparently still shaking the rust off and couldn't resist that cringe-worthy phrasing. Let's go to the highlights, shall we?

I had never seen those UD Power Up cards. In fact, I'm not sure what they're about exactly. I do know there is a code in the upper right corner of the card that is hard to see in the scan. The Cairo from Stadium Club just goes to show that great photography has long been a staple of the brand. Logo-less RCs of two of my favorite former Bulls happens to be hiding in the stack as well. Admittedly, the photo selection does a decent job hiding their logo-less nature. I am looking forward to getting some ink on that Adames once the Durham Bulls season begins. I'm hoping he starts the season in the Bull City, but even if he begins back in Montgomery at Double-A, he's likely to make an appearance at some point of the 2017 season. Last, but not least, the 2009 Bowling Green Hot Rods Matt Moore is an awesome addition. I was always a fan of Matty's and I was happy to see him turn hints around somewhat after he was traded to the Giants.

This is an awesome addition to my collection for a few reasons. First, Bubba was a fan-favorite(including this fan) when he played in Durham. Add to that, this is my first auto from the somewhat iconic, original Donruss Signature Series. Very cool!

I did say that the package was primarily Rays. I can only assume this nice looking Pineda relic was a dupe for AJ. I sure do appreciate that this one made its way into my trade package. Thanks for a great stack of cardboard! I've got some Yankees set to the side to send back your way. Thanks for reading.

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  1. AJ sent a nice lot of cards! I always like Donruss Signature Series.