March 1, 2015

On the Trading Block vol. 1

It's been a busy few days catching up on work stuff after digging out of the great NC snowstorm last week. As I sit here, I realize that it's Heritage release week coming up! Not only does that mean more product to go find at my local Target, but it also means that the start of the next group break I'm signed up for is coming up soon! With that in mind, I wanted to get an idea of interest in a few items I pulled out of Topps series one before I out them on eBay.

Junior Lake Snow Camo 33/99

Miguel Cabrera Gold 1613/2015

Paul Goldschmidt First Hoe Run Medallion

I'll give it a day or two for folks to speak up before throwing these up for auction. If anyone is interested, shoot me an emailt at: tim dot trisomenc at gmail dot com.
I've also got a bunch of the Toys R Us purple parallels, so let me know if there are particular players you're looking for. Thanks!

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