October 8, 2016

My First Look at Chrome Sapphire Singles

As many of you are already aware, Topps decided to issue the entire flagship checklist in a special Chrome factory set that was only available online. The announced print run for Chrome Sapphire was 250, non-serial numbered sets which also contained parallels limited to 5 copies and superfractor 1/1. The retail price for sets was over a grand so I knew there was no way I was going to get my hands on one of those, so I began looking for select singles to pick up. I found an eBay seller that offered flat rate shipping regardless of the number of auctions won. I placed bids on several Yankees, Rays, and a few other random singles. At the end of the day, I only won three auctions. Let's start with one of the main cards I wanted to add to the collection.

Over the past two seasons, I have really enjoyed watching Richie Shaffer play in Durham and he provided one of my favorite moments of last season when he hit his first MLB home run. I've posted about that before so I won't go through the specifics again, but for those who are curious, you can see part of the aftermath on his 2016 Stadium Club RC. I kept with the 'favorite Durham Bulls' theme for my next pickup.

Mahtook has spent a good bit of time with Tampa over the past two seasons. I'm hoping that he can put it all together and have a breakout 2017 season. I was shutout on the Yankees I bid on, but the last win brings me a great addition to my post-season highlights collection.

I'm not a Royals fan by any stretch, but this is a really cool team picture taken in the midst of their championship celebration. Maybe at some point in the near future I'll have a chance to chase a card like this for the Yankees or the Rays. Anyways, off the topic of the Sapphire Chrome and back to the 'former Durham Bulls' topic.

Taylor is probably my favorite Bulls player over the past two years. I was thrilled that he got the call to the bigs this season. I am actively searching out copies of this card and any or all parallels from Heritage High Numbers. I believe the existing parallels are 'reverse stock', red back, and gum stained. If anyone out there finds any and you're looking to relocate them to a new home, I'm your guy. Thanks for reading.


  1. Those Sapphires are real beauties Tim, love that Royals card!

  2. I found a few of those Sapphires for my collection as well. They are my favorite parallel of 2016.