February 20, 2015

2011 Topps Diamond Anniversary Team Set Highlights

Several weeks ago, I stumbled onto a post from Colbey at the Cardboard Collections blog purely by accident. I had typed Cardboard Connection into my browser(or so I thought, gotta love auto correct) and I was taken to Colbey's blog's home page. Boy am I glad I found it. Not only did I find another great blog to read, but the post that was most recent was one offering  team sets from the 2011 Topps Diamond Anniversary limited factory set to fellow collectors for only $4 to cover shipping. I jumped at the chance to claim the Yankees set. There are two differences between these cards and the regular issues:

1 - the Diamond Anniversary logo replaces the regular Topps logo
2 - the words 'Factory Set Limited Edition' are printed above the players' names

I sent payment to Colbey and was all set to add some new Yankees to the collection.

Three of the Yankees' Core Four. I love the Jeter since it shows his patented jump throw.

I like Mantle as much as anyone else and it's great to add this one to my collection, but I'm happy that Topps didn't make a card number 7 in the 2015 set. This is a great team card with Jeter and Rivera at the center of the action with a supporting cast of Cano, Posada, and Teixeira.

The more I thought about it, the more I thought about additional singles that I wanted from the set. So, I emailed Colbey and asked if I could claim two additional teams. He told me I could, and actually cut e a really good deal since he could ship all three teams together. So, I added the Mariners and the White Sox to my claimed teams.

Ichiro and King Felix! Ichiro is a sure fire Hall Of Famer and I loved watching his time with the Yankees over the past few seasons. With each passing season, I appreciate the career that King Felix is crafting more and more.

Colbey included these two since they featured CC and Felix.

Another Ichiro and the main reasons I claimed the Mariners And White Sox. RC's of Pineda and Chris Sale. I ave hogh hopes for Pineda to be productive this season, the Yanks are gonna need him to be if they have any chance of seeking out a wild card berth. Chris Sale is a great young lefty who doesn't get much hobby love plus he's been a staple on my many fantasy teams over the past few seasons.

That's my long overdue recap of Colbey's generosity. It's rare, but this is one occasion that I'm thankful for auto correct changing something I typed in. Thanks Apple!


  1. This set was linked to the Diamond Giveaway contest & website that Topps had going that year. One of the codes I got from a pack of cards ended up being the complete set, which kind of backfired on Topps because once I had a complete set, there was no reason for me to buy more packs of 2011 Topps.

  2. That Mantle has to be one of the most awkwardly awesome cards ever made.