February 4, 2015

Waiting for Topps

I am (im)patiently waiting to crack some packs of Topps series one. Unlike some other folks, my local Target and Walmart stores not only didn't have any product out early, but here we are on the official release date and still no packs or blasters to bust. So, I took to eBay to at least see what I'm missing.  So far, I've resisted the urge to place impulse bids on some of the parallels I eventually want to end up with. I'm betting on the prices being lower on some of them once the initial buying frenzy subsides.

I happened to do a quick search for the first pitch inserts because they caught my eye in the pre-release info. I particularly want these two:

Eddie Vedder and Jack White. Two of my favorites from the music biz. What I found was that apparently there is quite the demand for these two right now. One Jack white auction was at $21 plus shipping with 4 hours left, a whopping 26 bids so far(as I'm writing this draft)! A few Eddie presales topped $18 and most of the auctions ending in the next few hours were hovering around $10-15. Fortunately enough, I have a decent chance of getting at least one of the EV cards since I've got the Cubbies in a jumbo case break that should be happening pretty soon. Hopefully finding a Jack White for the collection won't end up breaking the bank. 


  1. Day Two of the search for 2015 Topps at my local Target came up empty as well. Not sure if I'm going to check tomorrow, but I'll definitely be back again by Friday. I better pull that Jack White out of a pack, because there's no way I'm going to be able to afford one if they're going for that much.

    1. I think they'll probably level off a bit after the 'newness' of the product fades. I'll keep my eyes open for an extra copy.

  2. Wow, I got the entire First Pitch set for $21, and I felt like I overpaid. People are paying that for singles? I got 5 (a third of the set) in my Hobby box, so there will be plenty to go around very soon. None of the ones I pulled were the ones you're looking for, or I'd totally hook you up.

  3. I was expecting the First Pitch cards to go for a buck or two...I'd better find the McKayla Maroney one in whatever packs I buy, assuming the local stores get them in soon.

  4. It is crazy how high some of the cards go for on the secondary market. I'm sure Eddie Vedder and Jack White will be $1 cards in a few weeks. I really want that Jack White card.

  5. Yeah, figured that these would be a few bucks at most. I'm sure they're going to come down soon. Glad to hear that there are so many in a hobby box, should make it easy to fill in sets for those of us interested in doing so.