November 30, 2015

A Couple of PWEs From the Shoebox

Just when I thought I was almost caught up with trade posts, there was a deluge of packages that began to overflow my mailbox. It's a good problem to have! One of the arrivals was the latest PWE from my most prolific trading partner, Shane...the Shoebox Legend himself! I had just gotten everything scanned and almost ready to write about and sure enough, another envelope arrived. So, in the interest of trying to catch up a bit I'm going to combine these two great envelopes. I like to start chronologically, so let's take a look at the first PWE.

The only card that I knew was en route was the Heritage High Number Heathcott RC. Wow, alliteration much? The A-Rod commemorating his 600th HR was a nice surprise, as was the A&G Gibson.

Next up, I found this awesome gold parallel Betances relic. It may be a plain gray swatch, but it's my first GU card of the Yanks' set-up man(and PT closer) and it's #/99! As nice as it is to add a new Gibson and this Betances relic to the collection, the envelope was elevated to the next level of greatness by the following card:

I was shocked when I flipped to this card. I had seen Shane write about these vintage football cards a few times, but I've never actually seen one in person. This comes from the 1960 A&BC Football set. As you can see, the set borrows the 1959 Topps Baseball set's design and puts it to good use showcasing the English football stars of the day. I am thrilled to now have this well-loved copy in my collection.

In the short time between receiving the two PWEs, Shane and I both began the quest to complete the 50 card 2015 Topps Chrome Update set. After exchanging a few messages back and forth, I knew it wouldn't be long before another group of cards would be on the way.

Shane had told me he had four cards from my checklist that he'd send. There they are, I'm happy to have these four that drop my set needs down to 13 cards to go. As usual, the other cards that rounded out the envelope were equally incredible. The DeCarr is my first 2015 Pro Debut. The set looks pretty nice in hand. Austin would look better if I can manage to get it signed at some point. The Andrew Miller is of the rainbow foil parallel variety.

There was more shiny with that AL HR Leaders gold parallel from 2012 which had not only one, but two Yankees on it! I'm not a huge fan of the Highlight of the Year insert from this year, but as a Yankee fan and a fan of baseball history in general, how could I not love the Babe Ruth that commemorates his single season HR record?

Thanks Shane, As always, there was a bunch of great stuff for my collection and I was blown away by your generosity.


  1. Love that Gibson and that Armfield card is incredible. Great stuff from Shane

  2. Wow! That Jimmy Armfield card is amazing!

  3. Sorry somehow I missed this one until now! Very glad you enjoyed all the cards Tim! I've been slowly giving my '60 A&BC Gum dupes new homes and I know you're a soccer guy so figured you'd enjoy it. BTW, that Butler Snow Camo is all yours...