November 21, 2015

Knocking Out Set Needs, Courtesy of Night Owl

A while back, I made my first trade with Night Owl. I knew that eventually we would swap again and a few weeks back, I received a small bubble mailer from him. It was heavy on cards needed for various sets.

I'm slowly, but surely putting together this 1993 Hostess set. Back when it was released, I didn't even know about it even though I was definitely collecting. I came upon my first of these in one of those Walgreens, 100 card repacks earlier this year. This Brett Butler puts me one more card closer to finishing off the set.

From the '90's, we move to 2015 Topps insert needs. The Ackley puts me one card away from finally finishing that Robbed insert from series one. The Eclipsing History actually isn't for my set, it's for my Yankees collection(my set is complete already). Beltran was one of many 1st Home Run cards I needed.

See, I told you there were more! I particularly enjoy the Cobb. It was a great surprise to find so many cards that I could cross off my various lists, but the centerpiece of this swap is up next.

I saw this card in a post that NO wrote about some Topps Chrome that he busted. I immediately noticed it was the photo variation and asked if it would be up for grabs. He agreed, and told me he didn't even know it was the variation card. I didn't it when I read the post, but it looks like this is a refractor. I'm not sure if Topps did that with all of the photo variations or if this is a true parallel. Either way, I'm happy to have this in the collection. Thanks NO, I've been putting together a stack to send back your way. This time, I'm trying to make sure that it has more WOW factor than the last stack I sent. Thanks for some great cardboard!


  1. I love looking for set needs for people. Happy to help!

  2. Nice card from the NO! Awesome photo variation!