May 5, 2016

Gotta Love a Completed Set(Kinda Sorta)

Wow, I can't believe that I didn't have the chance to share an awesome new Star Wars addition yesterday on Star Wars Day. Oh well, another time. Today I share my most recent completed 'set'. I use the quotes because for the first time, I chased after a Bunt related insert and completed the set before their imposed deadline so I also received a bonus 'card'. I've never completed a set like this before, nor have I really had the interest in it. However, for some reason, I've really gotten into the fantasy aspect of playing the free contests within the app. Early this week, they released an April  League Leaders insert set. Eight cards that score higher points than the base cards and look pretty nice too. Four hitters and four pitchers were included with the 'bonus card' being the player that scored the most points within the app for the month. I was game. Here we go.

Pitching first. Here's a guy that's rapidly becoming a usual suspect since he owns one of the most dominant arms in the game right now.

It pains me to see Price in a BoSox uni...but he is pitching as well or better than ever so far this young season.

Back in the closer's seat, Jansen is also back to his dominating ways.

Perhaps this one hurts the most. I collected Zimmermann, passively but still, while with the Nats and then he jumped ship to the Motor City. He sure has been stingy in the runs allowed department. Now we move on to the hitters.

Mr. NL MVP is picking up where he left off last season.

I love the way Altuve plays the game. He's at 100% all the time.

Of course, you can't forget the rookie sensation. He lands a spot in the set courtesy of his red hot first week in the majors.

Here's the card so many folks are waiting on. There's been a lot of disappointment that he hasn't made his debut on a Topps Now card as yet(and rightly so). I remember the last time that a rookie in St. Louis put up huge numbers to start his career and basically never stopped the production. Time will tell if Diaz can keep up the onslaught as Pujols did in 2001.

Those are the eight base cards. Here was the bonus card awarded for completing the set.

Arenado quietly put together a heck of a month. If he keeps up at this pace, he might even make a run at NL MVP honors.

There you have it, my first completed digital set. I'm not sure if it'll be e only one or if it's the first of many, but I can say that I have been able to abide by my self-imposed rule of not spending money within the app. Thanks Topps for the daily coins reward. You're funding my digital pack ripping habit addiction. Thanks for reading.


  1. What's your username in the app? I quit playing, so feel free to raid what I have. Email me and I'll go in and approve trades. Leave a junk white card, take 9 whatevers!

  2. Hey Tim, nice set! I'm currently working on the Turkey Red set. Its hard saving all my coins for just the contests and Turkey Red packs when they get released on Tuesday. They have so many tempting releases each day. Hit me up RyanHughes12 is my account on there.

    1. I'll look you up Ryan. Unfortunately I don;t have any of the Turkey Reds, but I'll keep you in mind when trading with folks.