April 30, 2016

Listia Win From a Fellow Cardsphere Guy

I've mentioned it before, I regularly explore the Land of Listia hoping to find cards that for my collecting preferences. Occasionally, I'll find a card that I irrationally feel is a must have even though it doesn't really fit. Recently, I found such a card and made sure I won the auction. Honestly, it wasn't even until I sent my verified address that I realized who had posted the auction. It was 'madding', author of Cards on Cards blog and St. Louis Cardinals fan extraordinaire.

It's a random insert card of Big Mac, what's the big idea, right? Well, I remembered pulling a few of these Opening Day 2K inserts from packs back in 2000 and it made me feel nostalgic. I had forgotten the specifics of the set, but winning this made me research it to refresh my memory. All told, it was a 32 card, cross company, retail only promotional insert set. It was available only at K-Mart. I didn't buy much retail product back then because I was fortunate that my favorite LCS was still operating at that time, but I did pull one or two of these back then. When I first heard that it was a cross company set, I was thrilled. It was quite a novel idea to me back then(still is). I remember wanting to collect the set, but it disappeared from my radar shortly after pulling those singles and it's been gone ever since. Unexpectedly seeing this card listed and winning it may very well provide the spark I need to chase the rest of this set 16 years later. Hey, better late than never, huh?

When the card arrived, I was pleasantly surprised to find that there were a few 'bonus' cards included in the envelope. There was a mini GQ Alex Cobb from 2015 and then there was this:

I only have a small handful of singles from 2015 Bowman's Best and I only had one Garrett Whitley. This was an excellent 'bonus' card and I think it will look great with some ink on it if I get the chance to see Whitley play in Durham sometime in the future. Thanks for the great trip down memory lane and for the unexpected bonus cards Kerry. I'll be rounding up some more Cardinaks to send your way in the near future. Thanks for reading.

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