June 21, 2016

Falling Farther Down the Digital Rabbit Hole

Not long ago, I wrote about completing my first 'set' on the Bunt app. At the time, I really didn't know how many cards I'd actually chase after that. I had my answer in relatively short order...A LOT! I have become increasingly active on the app. I think it will continue to appeal to me as long as I don't begin making real purchases. I have built my collection with the daily free coins by having patience and some good luck. I've since completed the Striking Distance insert(modeled after the Opening Day set of the sesame name) and a Bernie Williams Tribute set. However, I recently acquired the two following cards that commemorate two really great highlights over the past week.

First up is this tribute to Ichiro. I know that his being called the all time hits leader has been a polarizing topic but I, for one, consider him to be exactly that. I'm not suggesting that his name should be in the MLB record book as the career hits leader, but the fact is he has cranked out 4,257 professional hits in his career. That is pretty darned impressive. I'm very much looking forward to him joining the 3000 hit club in the coming weeks.

From a great veteran to a highly touted youngster.

This is a really fun card for me on multiple levels. Contreras is the next great Cubs prospect(I snagged him in my fantasy league), it was an awesome highlight, and it shows off the Father's Day uniforms with the blue patches.

I'm digging this set which often parallels the Topps Now releases. I guess you could say that I took the red pill. Thanks for reading.

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