July 27, 2016

JBF Strikes Again

It has been a while since I've written up a trade package. For that I apologize to all of the great folks out there that have sent trades my way in the recent past. Granted, at this point, incoming packages are pretty much non-existent(a side effect of me not getting to the post office lately) but I do still have several packages that have posts in various stages of completeness. Tonight, I want to focus on another great Supertraders package from the Father of All Supertraders, JBF. As always, the bubble mailer was jam packed with great cardboard.

I was late to the Brock party, beginning to acquire RCs only a few weeks before he was signed away by the Texans. I was bummed, but can certainly understand why he left. He did a great job holding down the fort while Manning was on the shelf and then he was tossed to the side. This fan certainly recognizes that the Broncos would not have made it to the Big Game without his contributions. I particularly love the Platinum X-fractor(or whatever they call that pattern).

Here's a group of more former Broncos that are probably a bit under appreciated.

This is an incredible card! It is super thick and made of acetate.

This one is a blast from the past! Back in the mid to late '90's, Playoff had several inserts that were similar to this. You know he type, multiple players from the same team, Dufex-like backgrounds, and really long odds of pulling them from packs. Back then, I never thought I'd actually own one of these. It only took 21 years after this one was released, but I finally can add one to my collection. This one is particularly great for me because it features Shannon Sharpe and Glyn Milburn. Back in my younger collecting days, Milburn was one of my favorite non-star Broncos to collect.

Moving on to baseball, we've got minis! That's not all, though...

This awesome Longo relic was the icing on the latest cardboard bomb from JBF. Thanks for another great bunch of cards.

I realize I've been saying that I'd be shipping out packages for quite some time, but I really do have multiples packed in team bags, notes composed, with address labels written just awaiting their envelopes to be sealed and a trip to the post office. Fortunately, there is still a lot of time left before the end of the year, so I can always increase my volume of mail sent out. Thanks for reading.

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