July 3, 2016

The Unlikely Bargain Blaster Break

It's been an eventful holiday weekend thus far. I've had the chance to spend some quality time with each of my two oldest girls over the past two days. We've gone to a new(to us) playground, the movie theater, and on a random drive exploring areas where we used to live before they were born. The latter led me to a Walmart I had never been to. When we drove by, my middle daughter said we needed to stop to get some popcorn chicken. So, I took the chance to grab what will likely be one of the last Marketside packs I'll be able to find since they're already dwindling. Still 5 more to go on that set... We grabbed our popcorn chicken and made a quick stop to browse the card aisle. I found several discounted blasters: a 2015 Archives, a 2015 Topps Update, and this unexpected find...

I haven't seen any of these around since they were still full price. They always tempted me, but I never pulled the trigger because 24 cards(even if you're guaranteed an auto) at full price didn't seem like a good deal to me. I like wrestling cards, but not that much! In fact, the only reason I considered these was because of the possibility of the former WCW/WWE guys that signed for the checklist. I really wasn't interested in any of the main TNA guys, though I wouldn't mind pulling an AJ Styles. I immediately loaded it into the cart, but was reserved since I couldn't find any actual price sticker, only that 'New Low Price' one obscuring part of Hogan's head. We looked around the rest of the store, grabbing a few other household items and found one of the price scanners. I couldn't believe my eyes when it came up as $4.98! I definitely couldn't pass up the gamble on this box for the cost of a repack or one of those jumbo packs.

Here are a few of the guys I knew from the box. I had no idea that the Hulkster was using the old Hulkamania merch while in TNA. Wow, Hall and Waltman looked bad while they were there...

Mick Foley?!? Awww yeah! Just like I want to remember him too, wearing his red plaid vest and holding a barbed wire wrapped baseball bat. Ahhh, memories! That's the hardcore legend I know and love!

Now on to one of the newer WWE Superstars, the aforementioned AJ Styles. This comes from a time when Ric Flair was guiding him(in case you couldn't tell). Sadly, it's not the autograph.

This is. I know I could have gotten a lot worse than Abyss, but he's one of those TNA guys that I was worried about pulling back in the day. So much for my hopes of pulling a Sting, Hogan, Angle, Flair, or Styles... At least this was a super fun and semi-nostalgic break for less than the cost of an average workday lunch. I would definitely grab another one of these if I can ever find one. Thanks for reading.


  1. Ah, TNA. The company so un-self-aware, they put "The New Era" as their main slogan on a box of cards that pictures Hogan, Flair, and Sting, with no one younger.

  2. HA @ Brett. so true, though. Definitely worth the gamble for $5. I have never seen these at my Walmart, and I'm not big is collecting wrestling, but would take a chance on a box if I saw one.

  3. Abyss isn't a bad pull from that. I always liked him since he got his start locally. I'd say that was completely worth the five bucks you spent on it.