July 29, 2016

Rounding Out My Father's Day Collection

A little over a month ago, I posted an awesome card that I had picked up from this year's Panini Father's Day promo. Well, I wasn't satisfied with just the one and I went on a mini eBay shopping spree with the goal of acquiring more of the singles and parallels that caught my eye. Here are the results of said shopping spree.

Let's start off strong out of the gate. This Schwarber relic was included in a lot of 6 cards that I really wanted to add to my collection. As much as I like him, it wasn't on my list of cards to pick-up. However, as I watched this auction come to a close, there were no bids, so I placed a really low bid and ended up being the only bidder in the auction. I was thrilled to add this in addition to a few of the others that will follow all in one auction, for the starting bid plus shipping. 

The Turner RC was a part of a 3 card lot alongside the Russell and one of the RCs that will appear a little further down the post. Once again, I was able to snag the lot for the starting bid.

While I don't normally stray too far from baseball and football, couldn't help but add the auction that included this Steph Curry to my list. Once again it was a lot(this time 6 cards) and I was able to win it for the starting bid price.

This was a separate 6 card lot from the same seller as the one that included the Curry and Harper above, so I made out twice as good winning for the starting bid and getting combined shipping to boot.

These three were included in the above six card lots. I love adding cards of former NC State guy, Russell Wilson. The Miller was a great addition as well, though not as great as the other card he has in the set. As happy as I was that the Broncos beat the Panthers, I do like my 'hometown' Panthers and Cam is the heart of the team. It's a pretty cool card of him if you ask me.

One of these was the third RC in the lot with Trea Turner. The other was one that I picked up singularly prior to winning the RC lot. I will likely find another home for the one that is #'d 300/599 simply because some of the foil on the serial number is flaking. If I don't find any takers, it'll just have to live in my collection. They are the first RCs I got that actually have the Broncos logo.

These two focus on the playoff exploits of two of my favorite Broncos. DT helping to defeat the Pats and of course, the base variety of my favorite Von Miller card ever produced(from SB50).

Last one for now, is the cracked ice parallel of the DT playoff card. It goes extremely well with the cracked ice Von Miller I posted about prior. Sadly, this DT isn't a Christmas card. I am keeping my eyes open for that one though. I've seen 11/25 and 13/25 listed...so close. Since almost all of the purchases in the shopping spree were lots, there are a bunch more that I have that will either find their way into trade packages or back onto eBay, but all told, I think I came away with some great deals. I walked away with 14 keepers(not including the Russell RC), some trade bait, and perhaps some singles to resell for right around $20(shipping fees included). There are a few other singles I want to track down, but shortly my attention will turn to Panini's National exclusive set. Thank goodness for the internet! Thanks for reading.


  1. Oof, nice snag on the Schwarber relic. That card would be like gold here in the Chicago market.

  2. Wow. I'd like to see an entire set done like the Cam, Messi, Curry and Harper cards. Those are sharp!