January 27, 2017

On the 9th Day of Trade Posts We Get Oddballs!

I'm slowly but surely finishing up this trade post catch up project. Today I'm highlighting a Package from fellow Supertrader Kerry from Cards on Cards. As always, he sent a great bunch of cardboard! This time it was highlighted by a number of awesome oddball issues.

I love the OPC sticker card of Donnie Baseball! I've had the Topps version of this since 1988 when it was released. The Chipz of a few former Durham Bulls and the Rays mascot have been as big a hit with my daughters as they have been with me!

Next up, some more great oddballs. I was thrilled that this was not strictly a Supertraders package since it included more than a handful of Yankees in addition to some Rays. I couldn't believe I had never seen that Ruth before I opened this package. The remaining guys here were all players that I really enjoyed watching in my younger days.

I got a new 'Prime Time'!!! I really enjoy cards of Deion from his brief time in NY, but seeing them always makes me wonder 'what if'? I know he wasn't the best baseball player, but I was always a huge fan of his and really disliked seeing him play in Atlanta and Cincy. The rest of this scan is a great mix. The oddballs come to an end with the AS Randolph, but the package rounds out with a few more beloved former Bulls(including the recently departed Mikie Mahtook), a Refsnyder refractor and an awesome Tino from his USA Baseball days. All around, this was a really enjoyable stack of cards! Thanks Kerry, a return will be headed your way soon. Thanks for reading.


  1. I have no idea where that Babe Ruth card came from, but it might be some kind of promo from my card show working days as a teen? Maybe? Either that, or it showed up in a repack at some point.

  2. i miss those 80's oddballs. remember making a trade back in the day for the Henderson card.