January 15, 2017

UFC Fight Night - The Prodigy Returns

I really dig the base card since it shows him exactly as I always want to remember him: arms raised in celebration and a title belt around his waist! The Bloodlines insert is pretty awesome since it highlights his Hawaiian heritage with the state flag in the background and the 'Hawaii/USA' designation under the Topps logo. The main reason I went after the lot was the following card though.

At the time, it was my only UFC relic and I was thrilled that it was a 2-color swatch. I was even more thrilled that the three cards set me back less than five bucks shipped. Tonight, I get to be thrilled to watch his comeback fight. It's been a few years since he has set foot in the Octagon, and while I am happy to see him fight again, I can't shake the feeling that I'm going to see him get beaten down...badly.

Here is the only 'card' I own of his opponent.

This is an extremely limited digital insert of the guy who may systematically destroy one of my favorite fighters of all time. Rodriguez is young, dynamic, and currently ranked #10 in the Lightweight division. Here is how they match-up:

Yes, I'm pretty frustrated that the UFC site doesn't even have most of Penn's info filled in to this comparison, but the 'significant strikes' section paints a fairly grim picture for The Prodigy. I sure hope he can find a way to pull out a 'W'. Thanks for reading.

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