September 22, 2015

A Godzilla Sighting in the Land of Listia

It's been a while since I took everyone on a trek through the interesting Land of Listia. Recently, I've gone on a few 'big game hunts' and spent some higher credit totals on a few items, but I've been really happy with the acquisitions I've been able to make. Tonight, I want to share none other than...

This awesome pre-MLB issue is the first I have in picturing Matsui in his Yomiuri Giants uniform. I think I'm beginning to slide down the slippery slope of chasing down Japanese issues of at least two of my favorite former Yankees. Earlier this summer, I picked up my first Japanese issue Ichiro, and now this one has taken its place in my collection.

The back is every bit as awesome as the front. I particularly like that it has the Tokyo Yomiuri Giants logo!

I suppose the only drawback is that when I rescued this marvelous specimen from the vast junk wax wasteland of Listia, it had been imprisoned in this PSA slab. I'm currently debating whether I should set this beast free or keep it enclosed on display. For the immediate moment it will remain trapped, but that may change in the near future. Either way, it is a wonderful new addition. I hope you'll join me again really soon when I share another recent trek through the Land of Listia. 


  1. Paraphrase of the back (to the best of my ability):
    The slugger who makes all of Japan proud. The 1996 MVP. Won the HR and RBI titles in 1998. Has been cemented at fourth in the batting order this year (2000) and in addition to his home run totals, he's managed to sustain his batting average, RBI and batting average with runners in scoring position at a very high level. He has also shown his competitiveness.

    1. Thanks for the translation Zippy Zappy. It is much appreciated!