September 29, 2015

Almost Had a Breakdown Looking Through That PWE

Sorry for the lengthy post title, it's been a long day(yes, this post was supposed to go live last night)...

I had a good day out at the card show yesterday, but I've forbid myself to share anything from the show until later in the week. For the first time, I am severely behind in writing up trade posts(and putting together return packages). So, I've made a deal with myself. As motivation to get caught up, I'm not going to allow myself to share my finds from the show until after a few back to back trade posts are complete.

There has been some really good stuff being delivered to my mailbox over the past few weeks. The contents of a recent PWE from Baseball Card Breakdown was certainly a prime example of that last statement.

I'll begin with some football since the season is still pretty young. I was thrilled to see the Virgil Green pop out of the stack. With the departure of Julius Thomas, I am hoping the Virgil will get a chance to make some plays this season. It's great to see a Von Miller that I didn't already have, and I may be staring at the new starting QB in the case that Peyton doesn't stay healthy.

Speaking of Peyton, this beauty is my first modern day mini football card. Not a bad guy to start with. From here, the package took a vintage turn.

This well loved Claude Osteen Topps Game card trimmed my set completion number down to two. I'm getting so close on this one. It's going to be so satisfying to cross that last name off my list and complete my first vintage set.

My favorite gem in this package was this 1961 Golden Press George Sisler, hands down. I had actually been looking at bidding on a copy of this card on Listia, but the numbers went too high for me so I ended up missing out on that one. I love this design and now that I have one in hand, I need to track down a few others to add to the collection.

Once again, Gavin, awesome package! Thanks so much, I've got a stack started for you and I added a few more to it while at the show on Sunday. I'll send them out soon.


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks again! I'm putting the finishing touches on another stack to send your way.

  2. That Sisler is awesome, y'alls defense looks ridiculous this year.

    1. Yeah, I'm hoping they can keep it up. If the offense ever really comes around, I won't have to be on the edge of my seat until the end of each game!

  3. Im working on the Golden Press set too. That Sisler is hot!