May 21, 2015

A Pre-War Swap with Tony from Off Hiatus - Part 2

A few days back I posted the first part of my first trade package from Tony of Off Hiatus Baseball Cards. It was filled with tons of oddball goodness. Tony also included Yankee legends, serial numbered parallels, a few relics, and he sent the first card that I can cross off of my Cardboard Wishlist courtesy of a trade. It was quite the first impression!

Yankee legends, as promised. It's really interesting to see someone like Babe Ruth on an insert that uses the 1975 Topps design. The more I look at that card, the more I like it. In he middle we have a die cut insert of the Mick. To round out the first scan, we have Joe D. in his military uniform. I like seeing the players who served their country in THAT uniform for a change.

More 'The Streak' and 'Career Home Runs' cards of DiMaggio and Mantle respectively. I like these cards because they have a pretty detailed write up about the specific hit or HR depicted. I hadn't planned on trying to complete The Streak set, but if I keep receiving these in trade packages, I'll have the set completed without really trying. In the past few months, I've already accumulated over a dozen of these with no dupes. I don't foresee completing the Mantle set though.

Next, we shift gears from legends to more contemporary Yanks. The three Jeter cards were all new for my collection. The Kuroda is a blue refractor limited to 199 copies. Two new relics came out of the package as well. To this point, this was a tremendous trade package, but it wasn't quite done.

There were two more Jeter cards. One, an insert from A&G which was incredibly thick and the other... The Flip! As promised, this is my first Cardboard Wishlist top 10 card that I can cross off courtesy of a trade package. It highlights the incredible play that Jeter made against the A's in the playoffs. I remember watching this game on TV. I was so blown away by this play and knew right away that it was something special. It is an excellent example of the intangible things he brought to the team. This play wasn't about fundamentals, but rather instinct. Though his career is over, this play stands as a defining moment.

The back details the play. This is my second card that highlights this play, and is far superior to the other. In (not so) short, I am thrilled to have this card in my collection.

Thanks Tony. I am looking forward to our next trade...once your war is over.


  1. Tony always packs a punch with his selection. I'll have to track down that Jeter "The Flip" card one of these days.

    1. This is our first trade, but you're not kidding about packing a punch.

  2. Thanks, Tim -- I'm trying not to let the war deter me from keeping all fronts moving forward, but as you can see on my blog, it's tough sometimes!

    I'm glad that you liked the cards and trust me -- there are more Yankees from where these came from.

    1. I understand the difficulty. I hope that my little padded envelope didn't get lost in the steady deluge from JBF. I'm always concerned until I know someone receives whatever I've sent. I'd be happy to give any Yankees a good home. Thanks again!