May 2, 2015

This is as Close as I Get

Today is Free Comic Book Day! I know this is a card blog, and I don't collect comics so why even mention it? I just participated in Record Store Day, which is the third Saturday in April every year. For those that don't know about it, there is a list of 'exclusive' releases that go to independent record stores and it has become quite the event since it was founded in 2007. It is regularly one of he highest revenue days of the year for the stores that participate. I think it's a great idea that those hobbies are embracing those already involved in collecting and it is a wonderful way to spark interest for those that are not. 

I've previously mentioned my wish for National Baseball Card Day to become a thing again and today is as good a day as any to reiterate that! I know that Panini has teamed with card shops to do multiple promotional giveaways, but I'm really hoping for something on a bigger scale. Not only do we as collectors deserve our own day, but it might help struggling LCS's around the country keep the doors open. Ok, I'll get off my soapbox now.

Since I don't collect comics, this is the best I can offer in keeping with the baseball card blog format.


  1. Replies
    1. I remember hunting for these cards when I was younger. They had a Shaquille O'Neal superhero card as well. I thought they were awesome!

    2. Agreed. I've seen a lot of illustration cards in my time, and these really are some of the best ever. I'd love to see Panini delve into this kind of thing. It would makes sense what with their lack of logos.