May 14, 2015

Oh Captain, My Captain! A Tribute

A little over two months ago, I posted about a mail day that was my perfect reward for a hard snow day's work. Since I posted the gold version of the 2015 Topps Derek Jeter checklist card (#319) back in February, I have been in the hunt for the gold version of card #1. I've bid on at least a dozen of them, but they all ended at prices higher than I wanted to pay. I decided to start following the search. Boy, am I glad I did! The other day, I was looking through the newly listed auctions and found one that had a $6.50 opening bid with $1.00 for shipping and a buy it now option of only $8.50(also with $1.00 for shipping). I couldn't complete the transaction fast enough! Yesterday this arrived in my mailbox:

I'm still not looking to complete a rainbow, not even close. However, right after the gold Jeter arrived, I found a rainbow copy of the checklist card for way cheaper than I thought I'd be able to. So, a BIN later, and all of a sudden this card is on its way to my door. 

In he span of a few days, I took two steps closer to completing the parallels I wanted to put together. Three down, one more to go. If anyone out there has a rainbow foil copy of Jeter #1 that needs a good home, I can help with that.


  1. Glad you were able to secure the card!

  2. Two of my favorite cards of 2015 thus far. Nice pickups!