April 28, 2015

To the Morning From the Night

A little while back, I took my first shot at sending some Dodgers to Night Owl. Unfortunately, I didn't hit as many needs as I had hoped. My average hovered somewhere just above the Mendoza line. That didn't stop NO from sending me a bubble mailer heavy on my various set needs and padded with a few Yankees.

Getting three more ar*che*types and 1st Home Run cards to cross off the checklist is always a good thing. I'm loving that pic of a young Donnie Baseball!

I'm also two more cards closer to the Babe Ruth Story set and I FINALLY have a copy of The Dude for my First Pitch set! The Walmart Jeter was a dupe, but I can never have too many cards of The Captain! I was shocked to see one of my needs from the 2002 Topps Post set fall out of the stack. It's not too often that I've seen these floating around. Lastly, I'll shine the morning light on The Warrior. I wasn't a fan of the UD Retro set when it came out and haven't actually held any singles from the set in my hand until now. The front is pretty pedestrian, but the back is interesting. It has an old timey, illustrated blurb decoding 'Baseball-ese'. 

This particular one defines a slugger, a pretty common term for most baseball fans. I must admit that I'd never heard the term 'banjo hitter' in the world of baseball before though. It made my day and makes me want to track down some other cards from the set to see what terms are defined on them. Thanks for the cards, NO! It's still early in the season, I promise I'll improve my average with the next stack of cards I send your way! 


  1. used to love those UD comic blurbs when I was a kid. I'm going to the post office today so you should have a few more mystery yanks plus the archetypes and 1st homers to cross off

  2. You're most welcome! Don't sweat the average. If there's one card in there I need, that's success.