October 13, 2015

A Repack of a Different Kind

Over the weekend I was able to spend a lot of time with my family, but not much time on the hobby. I'm not complaining at all though it is interesting to note that the family time did lead directly to a new hobby adventure. While running errands with my wife and daughters, some never ending shopping led me to a Five Below. I don't go in there very often. In fact, I can probably count on one hand how many times I've been in one before. However, recently I read a post on one of the great blogs out there that detailed a pretty decent repack purchased at a Five Below. I knew that while the girls were looking for nail polish and other accessories that my time would be spent searching for one of these repacks even though I only recalled seeing a few packs here and there during previous visits. After only a few minutes...

I found my objective! At first glance, these appeared to be a pretty decent deal. I mean, I'm used to picking up a Walgreens-style, 100 card repack box for $4.99 every once in a while. Here, for that same price, I get the 100 cards with one guaranteed HOFer and rookie card plus two packs. I'll consider the figure to just take up extra space.

Heck, with these, you can even see two out of the 100 cards and both packs that are included. I assumed that the two 'face cards' would be my HOF and RC's respectively. None of the cubes had any cards showing that I couldn't love without, so I focused on picking the packs I wanted instead.

I decided to go with a 2014 Topps Update and a Heritage pack from the same year. I figured that the packs alone could almost justify me spending the five bucks.

Let's start with the 100 card portion. Nothing against Ryno, but I'd rather count any one of this trio as my official HOF card. The fact that they're oddball issues only makes it better for me!

Overall, the 100 cards was about on par with what I'm used to getting out of repacks, but I must say that I'd also rather count the Maddux as my HOFer, and I'd certainly rather count this Bonds as my RC! I was a bit shocked. Not that these are high dollar cards, but still I felt like I was playing with 'house money' once I flipped to the Bonds. Heck, I even pulled a Griffey Jr! Not bad for one of those 100 card repacks and I still had the packs to openin this one.

Nothing Earth shattering came out of the Heritage, but it was solid. The Hamilton/Castellanos RC was one I hadn't pulled from the few packs I've opened of this previously. The Robertson was a nice reminder of his time in Pinstripes. The Miggy was the highlight of the pack since it's one of the high number SPs of the set. Moving right along to the Update pack.

I already had the Kershaw, but it's nice to pull a player like him. The sparkly, red parallel was of Leury Garcia and will likely end up in a trade package soon. Those first two continued to add 'frosting' to the repack. It might not be frosting exactly, but it looks like Nick Hundley was having his own 'sweet' problems... Sorry for that terrible pun.

Closing out, I pulled another copy of that Tanaka debut card(which for me is a good problem to have) and then I saw that last card. When I opened the pack and took the cards out, I saw a thick card in the middle so I arranged it to be the last one I looked at. Seeing Robbie Cano's red, All-Star jersey really was the cherry on top of this repack cube.


  1. pretty cool to pull Robby Cano, it's extra nice when you roll the dice and end up with a player you like.

  2. That was a pretty good bunch of cards for $5.

  3. I do love those particular repacks from Five Below. They have a lot within for the $5.

  4. Definitely a solid $5. Better than most repacks.

  5. We've got one of those stores nearby and I've been hesitant to check it out. Looks like I should!

  6. Good purchase! Much better than most packs you'd spend $5 on.

  7. Well, according to the Internet the closest one of these stores is 1483 miles away. This looked like a great value even before the Cano jersey popped out of it.