October 4, 2015

Busting Some Heritage High Numbers

I've been trying my best this past week to catch up on my trade posts. Until this past week, I had been hesitant to even post two trades on consecutive days, but my last four posts(and 5 of the last 6) have been written to highlight great trade packages. Looking at that made me realize that I needed to mix things up a bit(or perhaps I just used that as an excuse). So, while I was out at my local Target today, I grabbed 2 jumbo packs(or whatever they're calling them now).

I had previously opened two hanger boxes which I hadn't written about so this wasn't my first experience opening the product. Here are the highlights of pack number one.

Starting off is one of my favorite Rays players, Steven Souza Jr. I scanned the Sizemore because he's in a Rays uniform. He actually played alright after they signed him to a minor league deal. Who would have thought that would be the case when the Phillies designated him for assignment and released him earlier this summer? The Caleb Joseph was a random selection.

These were the three best rookies of the pack. Not much to say about them. No SP in the pack. To this point, it was a pretty weak pack.

This insert helped a bit. Two of the Mets young stars on a decent looking insert. Not bad, but this pack still needed something to make me feel like I at least got my money's worth.

There it is! A Heritage Chrome refractor of a highly touted rookie. The only drawback is that it is a Red Sox... Oh well, shiny and #/599 trumps any dislike for the team. That's the end of the pack one highlights. Let's see if pack two can be even better.

The three best veteran cards lose out in this one. I may have gotten a Yankee, but I really don't want Drew to be on the team so it doesn't beat out the Souza. Boxberger is a favorite former Bulls player and Phelps used to be a guy I liked when he was still in pinstripes. Overall, the Souza and the Sizemore/Rays combo beat out Boxberger.

The rookie card battle was won by these guys from pack two, solely on the shoulders of the Orlando RC. He hasn't been a standout, but his presence in the top three here is enough to beat the other pack's top three. The start of pack two was much like pack one, the base cards left much to be desired. Once again, no SP to be found and once again I was looking for something to salvage the pack.

This was my first Award Winners insert. I like the design and I got a pretty good player too. Still, Clayton was not enough to save the pack alone.

This Abreu bat relic sure did a good job salvaging the pack! I was bummed that there were no SP's to be found and that the base cards, both veteran and rookies left something to be desired. The inserts and 'hits' certainly made this 'retail therapy' session worthwhile though.

Fortunately, the hanger boxes turned up a few great base cards(though still no SP's).

I'm happy to have this Mahtook rookie. I've enjoyed watching him play in Durham over the past few seasons. I hope he sticks with the Rays and ends up being a fixture in their outfield for years to come.

Here's one of the many youngsters that made their Pinstripe debuts this season. I can only hope that the youth movement will be the beginning of another Core Four-type situation.

Lastly, here's one of the only big rookies from the set that didn't end up on the SP checklist.


  1. Nice Swihart! That Correa is pretty awesome too. Not a bad SP-less haul...

    1. Thanks, if I decide to part with the Swihart, it'll have your name on it. I thought I did pretty well, if only I can come across a Slade Heathcott RC.

    2. No way! I just so happened to pull a Heathcott in the lone rack pack I purchased. It'll be in your next PWE, will try to get it out this coming week...

    3. Thanks Shane, that's awesome! No rush at all, I'm still trying to piece together your next envelope.

  2. I like how many Yankees rookies are in this set. I might have to look into getting a team set.

    1. I definitely have an extra Lindgren and possibly an extra Mason Williams if you'd like me to send them your way.

  3. Not too shabby! The Swihart is a nice pull.

  4. I have a hobby box on the way. Not sure what got into me. I don't like Heritage all that much. Just feeling the need to bust-a-box. Love that Correa!