October 7, 2015

Good Season, New York!

I am having some technical difficulties with editing my second card show post. I hope to have it ready to post sometime tomorrow. So, tonight I shift gears. Congrats to my Yankees for making the playoffs in a season where nobody thought you'd manage a .500 record. However, since their season ended last night I'm throwing all of my support towards a Cubs-Astros World Series match-up. As always, since this is a card blog, I've got to have at least one scan in each post. Here goes.

This is a 'retrofractor', as they were called back in 2001. I chose this recent Listia win for tonight's post because it focuses on happier days for the guys in Pinstripes and makes me feel better about having to wait until next season to see them play again. Good luck tonight Cubbies! Thanks for reading.

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