October 1, 2015

An Out of the Blue Package from Bru

A few weeks back, Bru from the great blog Remember the Astrodome asked a question over the comments on my set needs page. I answered the question and said that I'd definitely be interested in setting up our first trade. I hadn't heard back and figured that things got busy and he'd be in touch when he had a moment. Then, I received a PWE from an address I didn't recognize. I didn't think anything of it because I often win auctions on Listia and I figured it was probably some of my winnings. Then I saw the note from Bru. This surprise package knocked out a bunch of my set needs.

Two more Studio and series one First HRs can now be crossed off my lists. I'm particularly happy to finally have that Altuve.

From there, Bru knocked out the remaining 12 cards I needed from the Pacific Nolan Ryan set. I figured that it would take me forever to finish this one up. I've dug through many-a-dime box and only found a few of these here and there. I've seen some of these show up on Listia, but they've mostly been ones that I already had. Well, my search is over. I picked a few highlights from those 12 to show off here. I love this tip of the cap shot.

That action shot of the final pitch of his 6th no-no is particularly cool. Just moments after this photo was taken, Willie Randolph made contact with that pitch and hit a foul ball down the right field line which was caught to end the game. It's a great piece of baseball history frozen in time. I also love the ads that are visible.

Thanks so much Bru, I appreciate the help with my set needs. I'm in the process of putting together a return package for you.


  1. Man those Studios are nice, need to pick some of those up.

  2. No problem! I came into four nearly complete sets of those Ryan cards, having already bought one in my youth. If you know anyone looking for some, point them my way.