October 2, 2015

The Return of A Cracked Bat

Recently I got a message from Julie who writes the A Cracked Bat blog. She told me she had dug out enough from the big move that she had started sending some cards out to folks and that I should expect something soon. Sure enough, a few days ago, a rather large padded envelope made an appearance in my mailbox.

This was the first item I took out of the envelope. It is a first for my collection. Even back in the more eclectic days of my youth, I never acquired any pins. This is a pretty cool set, highlighting the 2000 Subway Series. I particularly love the pin in the center that shows the World Series trophy.

In addition to this sealed collect able pin set, there was a smaller bubble mailer enclosed in the large envelope. Here is what I found inside.

Check out that early '80's Fleer Oscar Gamble! I love Topps Minis! I didn't have either of these.

Next up, a trio of Yankees pitchers. I am thrilled by the job Adam Warren has done this season. I had been keeping an eye on this Walmart Blue parallel, and now I have one. The Pettitte and the mini Andrew Miller are both golds. The Miller is #/99.

I was really happy to see this Whitey Ford as I was flipping through the stack. When the Yankee Legends set came out, I thought about putting this insert set together, but for whatever reason, I abandoned that idea. Maybe I'll have to find the others I had and finish this set off.

From a Yankee Legend to some fresh faced young talent, this package had it all.

This is an awesome, shiny, die-cut insert of a young guy that could be the Yanks' future ace. Severino has impressed since his call up. I hope he stays healthy and continues to develop.

This is my first Sevy auto. It's Prizm-y! I almost don't even realize that there are no logos. In most packages, an auto from a rising star on my favorite team would be my favorite card. However, there was one more really great card left in this envelope. A while back, before the move, Julie busted a box of Diamond Kings. I commented about one of the hits she pulled, but she wasn't sure if said card was going to be up for grabs.

Refsnyder is another up and coming Yankee. He hit a solo HR to provide a much needed insurance run in last night's wild card clinching victory(which also happened to be the franchise's 10,000th win) and he has been much improved on defense. This is a great framed jersey swatch and there's only five of them out there!

As always, it was a great time opening this trade package Julie. I'm glad the big move went well and it's good to have you back in the trading game. It was certainly worth the wait! I've got a large stack of Tigers almost ready to head your way.


  1. Severino, Refsnyder (and Bird) clinching the Yankees' latest postseason berth, just like we all predicted in March.

    1. Maybe not like it was scripted, but I'll take it! Maybe it's the start of another run like they had in the late '90's and into 2000.

  2. Super jealous of that Miller GQ mini. It's the first time he's had a Topps card in a long time.

    1. I may have a dupe of the base or the base mini that I can send you if you need it Nick.

  3. WOW! Those pins look nice in your scan. I thought about using these as a giveaway but really, I wanted you to have them. I'm elated you like them, and the cards too! Won't be so long next time. : )