April 25, 2015

A Hefty Yankee Addition courtesy of eBay

That is the first 'silver framed' parallel that I've had the good fortune to hold in my hand. I've seen a bunch of these written about across the blogging community and I thought it would be nice to pick one up if it ever fit my budget. So, I happened to be searching around eBay about a week ago and saw that this Phelps was going to end soon and had a $0.99 starting bid and was $2.50 for shipping. I watched it and figured as it came close to ending that its price would pop up over $10 or more. However, when I checked back about 15 minutes before the end of the auction, there were still no bids at all. I figured I'd put in a $2.50 max bid and if I could pick it up for $5, I would. Even still, I assumed that I'd be outbid. Later that day, when I had the chance to check my email, I saw that I'd won the auction. To make things better, mine was the only bid! This arrived in my mail box yesterday. When I opened it, I was impressed with the weight of it. 

Granted, Phelps is no longer a Yankee, but I liked watching him pitch while he was in pinstripes. Now, if I can only pick up a relatively cheap copy of an acetate Yankee...