April 26, 2015

Maybe I Should Get a Lottery Ticket

After an exceptionally long work week, I decided that some pack busting therapy was definitely in order. I decided to go to a different Target to get my fix this time. I was pleasantly surprised to find one of those Leaf Pete Rose Living Legend blasters(that guarantee an autograph) on clearance.

I picked one of these up on clearance a while back because I figured even though the market is kinda saturated with his signature, it's still a Pete Rose autograph. I thought it was worth the $12 back then and as it turns out, my stance on this topic hasn't changed. Since I knew what I was getting with the blaster, I decided to grab one of the 30 card 2015 Donruss packs too.

There are 50 cards in the Rose base set and collation was good enough that I completed the set with the 60 cards from the box. Thought they are unlicensed, the cards are fairly well done and it's nice to read the blurbs about his career on the card backs. We all know that the real draw here is the ink.

Here is the auto I pulled from this box. Other than the fact that there couldn't be a photo where the lack of logos is any more obvious, it's pretty nice. I dig the tip of the cap.

While the blaster was fun to open, the Donruss was not to be outdone.

These are the only two base card keepers, and the Pujols is the first 1981 SP that I've seen firsthand. I like the pic on this one and I'm on the fence about whether I'm going to keep it or not. From opening a few of these previously, I know the inserts are where the action is in these packs.

I am not a huge fan of the Elite or Preferred sets, but I do like The Rookies design.

Unlike many of you, I've never been the biggest fan of the Diamond Kings through the years. I like 'em, but I've never actively searched them out. I'm pretty sure that I'll be sending the Puckett to a new home in the near future and I'll gladly add the Zimmermann to my budding PC. The Studio set is far and away my favorite insert offering this year. This Soler single from the set just further cements that set's status in my mind. I would have been plenty happy if that was all the pack had to offer, but my recent luck in pack selection continued.

This is the first Jersey Kings card I've held, though I've seen many floating around the blogosphere. I wasn't blown away by the look of these before seeing one in person, but these are really nice. The stock is very thick, the missing logo isn't too conspicuous, and I like the red swatch that's embedded. By the way, I actually like Josh Hamilton. I am probably in the minority in that anymore since people tend to turn on people that have made multiple mistakes, but not this guy. I remember reading the Raleigh News & Observer and seeing write ups about him when he was still in high school at Athens Drive. I'm pulling for him to once again overcome his injuries and his demons. I was thrilled to pull this. Turns out a little pack busting therapy was just what the doctor ordered after this crazy work week, as I suspected.

My lucky streak got me thinking... I definitely prefer my gambling to be done on ripping packs and not the lottery, but the roll I've been on sure makes me wonder 'what if'. Fortunately, the logical side of me will always win out when these thoughts creep in. Buying a few tickets with long odds on winning some money leaves me with only useless paper if I don't win. If I spend that same money on cards or packs I would never consider the paper I'm left with to be useless. That means it's always a win in my book. You can't get any luckier than that.


  1. Awesome cards, I haven't busted any 2015 Donruss but I got a few in trade and I think they're a nice looking set of cards. Would have been really great with logos.

  2. My preference is for 2015 Donruss base/DKs/Studio more so than Elite, Preferred and Rookies. I understand your point regarding Hamilton, and can empathize with his struggles. My reasons for tossing his cards in a trade pile are based solely upon Hamilton's dissing his Ranger fan base as "not a baseball town." He received an outpouring of support when he initially joined the Rangers. I honestly can't believe he is likely returning to the team. It will be interesting to view his reception when he takes the field for his first home game at the Ballpark.

    1. I can see your point, it should be interesting if they can finalize the trade.

  3. I've never been huge on Diamond Kings either. Some of them flat out freak me out.