April 13, 2015

Another PWE from HSCA

Brian from Highly Subjective and Completely Arbitrary has done it again. After one of his posts a few weeks back that offered up some Allen & Ginter singles, I sent a message staking claim to a copy of the fairly well known Pele missing text card.

He quickly sent it along. As happy as I am to finally have the Pele in my collection, it has become pretty exciting to open Brian's PWEs to see what 'filler' cards he's added.

Aceves was one of my favorite Yankee role players while he was with the team. Even though I kinda wrote him off once he ended up with the rival Red Sox, this RC reminded me of his years in pinstripes. I absolutely loved the Guidry, it was my first Leaf Yankee from that set.

I'm quickly becoming a safe haven for the blogosphere's unwanted Drew Henson cards and I'm totally fine with that. Though I have a bunch of the modern day Mantle cards from the Flagships sets, I did need this one from 2012. Gotta love the Mick!

By the time this Johnny Damon was found in packs, I had long since given up on Ultra. This is one of the first few that I have from the 2006 set and it turns out that I really like this set. This was the first of these Mantle inserts from Heritage to find its way to my doorstep. I think they were done really well since the back has the specifics for his 22nd home run of 1958. Though 'Godzilla' was another of my favorite Yankees of the 2000's, my collection is woefully lacking his cardboard. Even though the design is quite a bit more modern, the RBI Kings insert set takes me back to Ultra's mid to late '90's heyday. What better way to end a PWE recap post than with some Yankees vintage? Mr. Duren was obviously hung over on the morning of the photo shoot for the 1960 Topps set. Nice shades sir.

Thanks for another great PWE Brian!

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