April 15, 2015

Happy Jackie Robinson Day!

On this date 68 years ago, Jackie Robinson played in his first major league game, breaking the MLB color barrier. So, today I want to give a huge thanks to him for not only integrating the game we all love, but for also playing such a huge role in the national civil rights movement. 

Since this is a baseball card blog, I'll honor him by posting a card of his that's a bit off the beaten trail.

It comes from a 1987 Nestle set and is one of my favorite oddball cards that I own. There is nothing terribly outstanding about the design or photo, but there is something about its simplicity that speaks to me.

I think the back is great: a concise career summary, complete MLB stat totals, and his full name at the top. Good stuff!

Thanks for reading and Happy Jackie Robinson Day!!!


  1. I like this card a lot, too. It's quite a bit better than some of the modern Jackie Robinson cards issued recently.

    1. I totally agree with you NO. A lot of the newer releases are not attractive.