April 9, 2015

The Card Chop Swap

A long while back, Steve from The Card Chop blog commented about the wallet Wool E. Bull card that I had posted asking if I had an extra to send his way. Fortunately, I did have an extra so we began discussing a trade. I ended up sending him the Wool E. and a stadium giveaway UD Braves Team set, you can see his post here. He had sent me some minor league cards and a Carl Crawford issued by the Disabled American Veterans. I was really looking forward to getting his return package. Well, some time went by and I stopped thinking about it, figuring it would arrive whenever it arrived. However, when a month passed and it hadn't arrived, I sent Steve a message just letting him know that I wasn't being a jerk not writing a 'thank you' post showing off the goods, but at I never received anything. He checked his tracking and it had been held up in Greensboro, NC for weeks. He gave me the tracking number and apologized(even though it wasn't his fault) and said he'd put some other cards together to send my way. In the mean time, I contacted the USPS with the tracking info in hopes that maybe he original package would find its way to my mailbox. After a lot of time on the phone trying to figure out what happened, I don't have high hopes on that. 

Steve's (more than generous) second package arrived the other day, taking me by surprise and giving me a good mid-week boost of cardboard fun! Unlike many, I don't bust a lot of A&G so I don't have many minis floating around. I was thrilled to see the three former Durham Bulls above fall out of the stack!

Sticking with the mini theme, Steve sent me these two great 1971 mini Yankees. I really like the various 'vintage' themed mini inserts from Topps, but I haven't gotten ambitious enough to tackle trying to put together any of the sets. The checklists are just too big for this amateur set collector.

Next up, I found a standard sized 1971-style Iron Horse. I like the gold Matt Moore. I'm hoping he can return later this season after rehabbing from Tommy John surgery. I'm actually looking forward to the potential for a rehab assignment with the Bulls! I really dig the Longoria! Though you can't tell from the scan, it's one of those 3-D cards. I didn't even know that Topps did these back in 2010, but I like 'em!

The last group included two Yankee legends and two more former Bulls. The more I see the Peak Performance inserts, the more I like them. It was nice to see the Cobb for a few reasons. He is one of my favorite former Bulls. It also reminded me that there is a chance I'll get to see him in Durham again pretty soon as he returns from the DL and finishes getting ready for the season in Tampa. Lastly, much like the Peak Performance cards, the more I see this year's Donruss, the more it grows on me. I'm not gonna build the set, but I don't think it's the train wreck that a lot of others do. So, it's nice to get singles of some of my favorite players without having to bust packs. Thanks for sending a second bunch of cards over Steve. It was truly above and beyond what I expected!

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  1. Glad the cards arrived safely, Tim! I'm jealous that you get to attend Durham games each year- what an iconic place to take in a game!