April 27, 2015

Another Completely Awesome PWE - Brian Strikes Again!

I LOVE this shot of the old Durham Athletic Park! I only learned of this card's existence a few months ago. It was actually on my Cardboard Wishlist, but it hadn't quite cracked the top ten, so nobody could see it on the list yet. This card perfectly captures the 'famous' Lucky Strike water tower, an iconic part of the Downtown Durham skyline. The back is equally incredible.

This is the original 'Hit Bull, Win Steak' sign, and of course the write up mentions the park's connection to Bull Durham. All in all just a really great piece of my favorite minor league team's history. So, when Brian from HSCA wrote a post about the box of 1995 UD Minor League that he had busted, I quickly sent him an email asking if he had a dupe that he could possibly send my way. Fortunately he did, and now I am the proud owner of a copy of this beauty.

As has become usual in our interactions, I wondered what 'filler' he might include when the PWE arrived. In all fairness, I did ask him for a few other cards from the minor league set(which he also had and sent along). 

Brian sent two Durham Bulls players in addition to the Andy Pettitte on the right here. The addition of two other 'Core Four' guys was a pleasant surprise. I'm particularly fond of the National Baseball Card Day Derek Jeter. I wasn't collecting during the years they ran this promotion. I think they need to bring it back!

Next up, a pair of prospect cards and an Opening Day blue parallel of Jacoby Ellsbury. Also included, but not shown was an 'El Duque' A&G mini from 2014.

This was great! Brian included a fairly significant upgrade of the Orlando Cepeda for my 1968 Topps Game set. However, that was not all he sent.

This one was bittersweet. I really liked Robbie when he was in NY. This is my first relic of his. Though it's a plain gray swatch, it reminds me of better days when the Yankees had one of the best 2nd basemen in the league, not Stephen Drew or Gregorio Petit. Granted, I do like some of the cards showing Robbie in Seattle's throwback threads, but I wish he was still playing in The Big Apple!

Once again, Brian, thanks for the great cards. I hope you enjoy what I've sent your way in return as much as I'm enjoying these!


  1. Got the return envelope today! Thanks very much!

    1. Looking forward to reading your thoughts on the contents!