April 19, 2015

A Trek Through the Land of Listia: volume 2

It is true that it has not been long since my last post that chronicled a voyage to the Land of Listia. Alas, the new addition that resulted from a recent search there was too exciting for me hold off on sharing. 

I have been exploring more of the vintage aspect of our great hobby since my post about winning that Joe Torre that I wrote about in my first Listia post. Let's just say that I arrived fashionably late to the vintage party, but I say better late than never. I've decided that I am going to dance with the one that brought me here: vintage oddball. Without further delay, here is my newest addition from the Land of Listia.

It's a 1961 Post Edward Charles 'Whitey' Ford! I love everything about his card and can't believe it is really in my collection now. Once again, patience has paid off. Hopefully(for my wallet's sake) this win will not lead to a decision to put together this set. That's quite an ambitious undertaking, even if I only focus on the Yankees in the set(#'s 1-18). Nope! I am perfectly happy with having Mr. Ford in the collection... well, it couldn't hurt to try and add just one more!


  1. Post oddballs are hard to find in quality condition. Really nice Whitey! Be warned - vintage will suck you in! There's no coming back! :)

    1. Thanks Julie, but I'm afraid your warning has come too late...I'm already sliding down that slippery slope!

  2. Congrats on a nice Listia win!