April 16, 2016

Double Dose of Supertrading and a Contest Plug

Happy Saturday! Before I get to the first in a series of slightly overdue trade posts, I want to take a second to plug a contest currently going on over at Sport Card Collectors. Do yourself a favor and check out this really great review of the recently released Topps Museum Collection. It's really a beautiful product.

Alright, as previously mentioned, I've been accumulating a small backlog of trade packages due to a limited amount of time available to scan said packages. This past week, I was able to get the scanning started. Today, I hit you with the contents of two separate packages from fellow #supertraders. First up to the plate, Play at the Plate. This was my first trade(my side is pending) with Brian and it was a PWE that packed a nice punch.

I dig those older Tek cards and I loved Canseco! I think the Floro will end up getting signed before we get too deep into the Durham Bulls season. There were a handful of other Rays that definitely found a home in my collection, but I'll move on to the most underrepresented portion of my collection, both physically and on the blog.

New Jersey Devils! It's always great to receive a new Martin Brodeur, but I needed both of these so it was even better. The Claude Lemieux brought back memories as he was one of the big offensive threats on the team when I first started watching. Good stuff all the way around. Thanks Brian!

The next package arrived from Brett, he of the relatively new blog Cooperstown Exit 3:16. If you haven't checked it out yet, I highly recommend you do. This bubble mailer was packed full of Tamp goodness. Here are the highlights.

I'll start off with some shiny cardboard. Everyone loves that, right? I have fond memories of James Shields in a Rays jersey. He toed the rubber in the only game I've been able to make it to see at the new Yankee Stadium. He faced off against Andy Pettitte and it was a heck of a performance. I'm not even bitter that the Yankees lost that afternoon. The background on the Crawford kinda reminds me of Pinnacle Museum Collection parallels, definitely not a bad thing!

Here, we've got more shiny, a gold parallel, an RC, an IP auto and a card that will hopefully end up with some ink of its own later this season. I am especially fond of the Matt Moore RC and the Roberto Hernandez auto. I have written about my time spent 'graphing at the ballpark before. This card just reminds me of those fun times. I don't get much of a chance to do that anymore, but I have my heart set on getting that Cobb signed later this season when he rolls through Durham on his rehab assignment. Thanks so much Brett. I've got your return package mostly crafted. I'm aiming to get it sent out in the near future.

Thanks for reading!


  1. I honestly forgot that Canseco was a Devil Ray - but, he bounced around so much in the latter half of his career that I could probably say that about any team he played for.