April 15, 2016

Happy Jackie Robinson Day

Today marks 69 years since Jackie Robinson broke the Major League Baseball color barrier, changing the game(and the country) forever. Everyone knows that his jersey number is retired by every MLB team, but today, every player in MLB wears number 42 as a tribute.

I know there are at least a few cards out there that showcase photos taken during previous Jackie Robinson Day games, but I don't own any of those(that I'm aware of). Fortunately digital trading cards can help me fill that void. 

Thanks to Bunt, I pulled my first card of a current player(other than recently retired Mariano Rivera) wearing a number '42' jersey. 

To make things even better(for my collection), I pulled former Durham Bull, Tim Beckham. I really love the design of these. That seems to be a recurring opinion of mine as it relates to Bunt exclusive insert sets. I find that I dig those designs better than most of the tangible inserts that fall out of flagship(1, 2, and Update). 

For good measure, I also pulled a Charlie Blackmon '42'. Happy Jackie Robinson Day everyone! In celebration of the man, I'm going to go watch the new Ken Burns documentary(on my DVR). Thanks for reading.

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  1. Hey Topps, if you're listening, I'm just saying that these would make a great physical insert!