April 14, 2016

When 60 > 73

On the last night of the NBA season, there was some seriously interesting math at work. For at least one night, the number 60 was greater than the number 73. Perhaps it is just my perception, but the vast majority of the media coverage after two of the late games last night was heavily focused on the 60 points that Kobe Bryant scored in his final game on an NBA court. I didn't watch either game, and at this point in my sport fan career, watching NBA games is usually limited to catching a game or two of the finals. However, in my estimation, the Golden State Warriors breaking the wins in a season record set by the Chicago Bulls is the bigger story. In those days, I watched an awful lot of NBA games. While I wasn't a Bulls fan, it was incredible to see that level of dominance. As many have said this season, that was a record that many thought was unbreakable. I'm sure that as emotions about Kobe's farewell fade and the playoffs intensify that there will be much more said about the Warriors, especially if they go on to win their second straight title. 

Since this is a card blog, these are the best cards I own of Kobe and the leader of the Warriors, Steph Curry. I sure wish I had,t given up collecting basketball until a year later. I'd probably have had one of the Topps Curry RCs to show off here...oh well, hindsight, right?

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  1. I think the book is out on the Warriors. 73 will hold up more if they win the title. If they don't, then they just had a great regular season.

    I think of when the Mariners won 116 to break the Yankes record of 114, but then lost in the ALCS. 116 was a nice number and a big accomplishment, but without the title, it definitely isn't worth as much.

    Just my two cents.

  2. Well,the Warriors' first-round match-up against my Rockets should be a cakewalk. Things will be significantly tougher in the later rounds. I agree that they need a title to cap off this regular-season achievement and join the all-time great teams.