April 22, 2016

Walking the Plank Again

Next up on my trade post agenda was the latest, incredible package from fellow Supertrader Matt over at Bob Walk the Plank. As has been the case the few other times I've been lucky enough to be on the receiving end of a package from him, it was all about the quality. Four cards packed quite the punch.

Here's a Ray that I never got to see in Durham, but I have a soft spot for him thanks to his time in NY pinstripes. He was a key player in the Yankees most recent World Series championship and the more of these Ginter mini relics I accumulate, the more this design grows on me.

Crawford is the only non relic/auto of the bunch, but you can see it is quite limited. This reminds me of the days when he was actually still a rising talent, not a bust of a FA signing. I enjoyed watching him play in Durham back in the day, so I'll certainly take reminders of his time in Tampa.

This was my favorite of this package. I have fond memories of watching Aubrey at the DBAP. He was there during the days when I was frequently on the hunt for IP autos. I never did make it to the home team to ask for 'graphs before he got the call to the bigs. I guess there was always a visiting player that I wanted to meet just a little bit more. He's got a really nice signature and I'm happy to finally add one to my collection. As a side note, I really like this design too. I first saw it when I pulled a Scott Kazmir auto from this set out of one of those 100 card repack boxes. I should probably see if I now have the Rays auto team set from this product. While this was my fave, Matt snuck one card into the package that I appreciate, but probably should have ended up with another Supertrader.

There is is, my first Headley auto which also serves as my first Topps Tribute auto. This is a beautiful card and it's #/75. The only reason it wasn't my favorite of the trade is simply due to the fact that I have no attachment to Chase Headley. Don't get me wrong, I'm happy to have such a nice looking Yankee auto and I don't dislike this card in any way. I just have a bit more connection/history as it relates to Aubrey's auto. Man, yet another great package from Mr. Scott. I've got some Buccos ready to pack up and send your way. Thanks Matt and thanks for reading!