April 7, 2016

Hi-Story Making First Impression

I will freely admit that this is yet another 'filler' post for me. That being said, the content is definitely worth the mention(not that you all haven't already heard all about this). Trevor Story has started his career in a way that no other player has: by hitting 4 home runs in his first 3 games of his MLB career. There's quite the media frenzy around him right now, but I find it crazy that some stories are claiming that he came 'out of nowhere'. As far as most of the projections that I had read, he was quite likely to enter the season right where he is, the starting SS on the big league club. He obviously can't keep up this pace, but if he continues to play well(and stay healthy), he will have folks in Coors Field asking 'Tulowitzki who'?

This is the only card of his that I currently own, but I guess it's a pretty good one. It is the blue paper parallel from 2011 and is #/499. I may not be invested in how the Rockies' season goes, but I will be quietly pulling for Story to continue to have a great rookie season. Thanks for reading.


  1. Story hit a HR at the Cactus League game I went to. I hope he does well.

  2. Someone in Colorado should print up some "Who-lowitzki" T-Shirts. You'd make a killing selling those outside Coors Field!