April 11, 2016

The Key is in the Breadsticks - Marketside Update #2

I'm totally falling behind on posting trades. Between #supertrader packages and my other great regular trading partners, I've got about 7 packages that I need to write up. I will definitely get to them and finish crafting return packages as well. At this point, my rate limiting step is getting to the scanning of all that great cardboard. In the meantime, I've been scrambling to make the time and find ideas for other posts to keep the activity on the blog going. So, against my original plans, I present another update on my quest to complete the Topps Marketside pizza set. After my last update, I had slowed considerably. I mean, I love pizza as much as the next guy, but there's only so much I can eat. Enter a post by Night Owl. During his late night trek to Walmart to track down some of these oddball goodies, he found the packs tucked inside Marketside breadsticks. Upon learning this, my search shifted to breadstick hunting. The product contained is not as big which means I can eat them quicker and the cost per package is significantly less. It doesn't hurt that the Garlic Parmesan variety reminds me an awful lot of the Crazy Bread from Little Caesar's. Not gourmet by any stretch, but for some reason I sure did like those when I was younger. Anyway, I have grabbed three packs of breadsticks since my last update. Here are the goods.

I was pretty psyched to rip this pack. Crossing both Trout and Correa off the list from the same pack made me a happy collector. All I can say about pulling Tyson Ross is at least I needed him for the set as well. Here are the results of pack number 2.

That's another big pack there!  A World Series MVP and a hot rookie. It's a shame that Schwarber will be n the shelf for the rest of 2016. Here's hoping he recovers quickly and is back at 100% for next spring. Oh yeah, I needed the Freeman as well. Two packs down and one to go.

Another huge pack! There's a heavy hitting rookie, the reigning NL MVP, and the reigning HR Derby champ! All three were needed for the set build. Additionally, I have received three cards from trade packages. Those will be shown in their respective trade write ups, but they are being counted in my set needs update. Three packs yielded four of the biggest names in the set. Wow, it looks like the breadsticks are the key to building the set.

Where does that leave me? I'm glad you asked! Set completion stands at 28/50 or 56% complete. In fact, I've actually added this set to my set needs page. If there is anyone out there that isn't planning on chasing these down, I'll be happy to take what you've got. Thanks for reading.


  1. Already over half way? Keep up the good work!

  2. I pulled that same Correa/Trout/Ross pack from breadsticks yesterday, so it looks like they are sequenced.

  3. Wowser, that's some impressive progress. Also, I agree whole heartedly - it's a terrible shame that Schwarber is out for the year, terrible.

  4. Making me wanna finally break down and buy some. I'll be sure to send you any extras