June 30, 2016

Stadium Club Acquired!

Earlier this week I was reading an article that contained the full 2016 Stadium Club checklist. At the time, I had no idea that the release date was this Friday. I was immediately excited at the prospect of busting some in the near future. As it turns out, today became 'near future' day when I found a few boasters sitting on the shelf at my local Target! I couldn't wait to rip the packs, so why should I make you wait to see what was inside? Here they are in the order they were ripped(with minimal, if any commentary in between).

My first pack of this year was pretty decent. The Rizzo is of the gold foil variety, but I think the Arrieta is the best in the pack.

The Boggs is a black foil version and man, what a sweet Clemente!

A Blake Snell RC and a Legends Die-Cut, not too shabby!

A Cepeda with the Mays cameo is pretty awesome, plus the Morales is another gold foil.

Gehrig and a Beam Team?!?!

The final pack was a bit anti-climactic, but overall it was a really great blaster! Here's a closer look at the Beam Team MadBum.

I like that they're reminiscent of the earlier inserts, but have an updated look and feel. While there wasn't anything Earth shattering in here, I really beat the odds with this blaster. The black foil was listed at 1:16 packs while both the Legends Die-Cut and the Beam Team were listed at 1:256 packs. As for the set design, I like it despite being very similar to a set from earlier in my collecting career...

This is a 1997 Fleer Tiffany parallel. Look familiar? Of course there are differences such as the player's name font being angular rather than blocky and the team name/position being pseudo-script. Otherwise, they're very similar. In fact, I probably like SC in part because it looks like the Fleer set from my younger days. Looks like I've got another set to start hunting. At only 35/300 from the single blaster, I've got a long way to go. Thanks for reading.


  1. This is a reminder that I am very far behind in picking up this year's cardboard.

  2. I love those Cubs celebration shots to start off!

    The "on deck" cards of Fielder and Harper annoy me a little because I had a custom set I made with that theme that I never did anything with, haha.

    And last, I'm 97.62% sure Topps used that Adam Eaton bubble card in their Bubble Trouble insert in Opening Day this year.

    Nice pickups!

  3. Thank you for making the Fleer comparison! I was going to do it, but you beat me too it. I immediately thought that when I saw the design.

  4. Yeah that is a great Clemente, and love that Boggs as well. Thanks for sharing Tim!

  5. The Pirates base checklist is pretty good, but they are pretty much void of any cool inserts or autos. Doesn't really matter with this set though because the base is where its at.

  6. I don't remember seeing any preview images, but when Topps started releasing images this week all I could think was may that reminds me of 97 Fleer, minus the matte finish. Looks like Topps picked some nice vintage Getty images for this year's set.

  7. It does look a lot like the 1997 Fleer Tiffany cards. I really like the look of the beam team cards!