September 23, 2016

Single Card Post - Finishing Ferrell

I was recently reminded that as much as I enjoy trading with fellow members of the cardsphere, local trades still have their place. Well over a year after the set was released, I can finally cross the final 2015 Archives Will Ferrell card that I needed off my list.

This trade was far more labor intensive than most that I've conducted over the past few years, but having this in hand was worth the effort. In the long run, it 'cost' me around 12 or 13 various 2016 base singles that my local trading partner needed for his own set building purposes. Considering the fact that I'm not really working on completing any 2016 set except Stadium Club, it was a small price to pay to finalize one of my favorite(if gimmicky) inserts of last year. Thanks for reading.


  1. Nice! I've wanted to complete this one, too.

  2. a dozen commons for a $7 insert (at my favorite dealer)? What a bargain!

  3. Congrats! I only have 1 but I may look at getting more