January 28, 2018

It's Royal Rumble Sunday!

In honor of 'the Road to Wrestlemania' officially kicking off tonight at WWE's Royal Rumble, let's take a look at some Topps Road to Wrestlemania that I was lucky enough to find earlier today.

I was able to find a blaster and decided to add a Fat Pack because it promised a Randy Savage Tribute card. Let's take a look at the Fat Pack first.

Like years past, there is a highlight set and a separate roster set. These are some favorites from the highlights set. I'm a sucker for the cards that show off Championship gold. I love how the cards can tell the story of the past year. The top row tells such a story. Harry's return at Wrestlemania and win the tag belts. Cesar's and Sheamus fight to a draw in their best of seven series-eventually they are put together as a team, they beat the Hardy's for the belts. Along the bottom are some of my favorite moments of the past year. If The Revival can stay healthy, I look forward to seeing them make an impact in the RAW tag team division. I was never a big Bray Wyatt fan, but I thought it was very entertaining when they briefly put the title on him. I think ey should have given him a longer run with it. Instead, we got stuck with several months of Jinder Mahal as champion. AJ Styles is probably my favorite performer on either roster right now and I particularly love the final card of the scan because it highlights his US title win over Kevin Owens at Madison Square Garden at a live event. Great performer, great venue, reminder that a title can change hands at any event...this card represents it all.

This is perhaps my favorite card from the pack. I love the design of this tribute set! It is so 'Macho Man-esque'!!! I think I'll have to build that set. On to the blaster highlights.

Here are a few from the roster set. Backgrounds come in one of those three colors and don't seem to have any rhyme or reason behind which superstar gets which color. The bottom row are three of my favorite current stars.

Here are other high points from throughout the past year. Though I didn't get to watch any of the CWC, I did have high hopes for the return of the division. Here we are over a year after the crowning of its inaugural champion and the division seems to be without direction, excitement, and most recently(due to the release of reigning champ, Enzo Amore) without a champion. I hope WWE can turn things around for the cruiserweights. The KO/Jericho friendship and subsequent feed was definitely one of the most entertaining storylines of the last year. I love anything pertaining to Alexa Bliss. What she lacks in ring skills, she makes up for on the mic by playing the perfect manipulative/conniving heel.

The blaster contained two of the Andre the Giant Tribute cards. I was happy to pull them, but if I'm looking at design, this set pales in comparison to the Savage set. I'll have to build it nonetheless, because Andre is one of my favorites to watch when I first got into wrestling. I really like the manu-relic with the faux Andre the Giant Battle Royal trophy, but pulling Tyler Breeze really made the blaster fall a bit flat. I'm not a fan of the Fashion Files and I probably would have been happier with almost anyone else I could have pulled from the set. Also making an appearance in the blaster/fat pack were bronze parallels of the highlight set. I chose not to scan any of those because I wasn't overly impressed with the moments I pulled parallels for.

This was a fun break of a product I was actively searching for all week and served as a great appetizer, leaving me Rumbling for the Royal main course tonight! Anyone else looking forward to the PPV? Thoughts on who wins the Rumble or the first ever Women's Rumble? Hoping for any particular 'surprise entrants' to make an appearance? Thanks for reading.

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