March 19, 2016

Checking Out Some Opening Day Before Opening Day - The Rest

MLB returns with live, regular season action on April 4th, but Topps Opening Day went live earlier this week. In past years, I have only picked up a handful of packs here or there. Yesterday was the first time in my collecting career that I decided to buy a blaster of the stuff. It's not a bad deal really, 11 packs with 7 cards in each for $9.99.

Let's dig in.

These two perfectly illustrate how the brand can both improve and ruin cards from series one. The Bryant gains from the loss of the foil on the Future Stars designation across the top of the card. However, the iconic 'bat flip' card loses effect since Topps decided to crop the pic closer. I think that the zoomed out view on the series one card carries more emotion and weight. This version seems more sterile somehow. Maybe it's just me... Moving on to a few of the series two 'preview' cards.

We have Betances rocking the porn 'stache and looking a bit like Cuba Gooding. I'm extremely disappointed in the Sanchez RC. It's pretty tough to tell in the scan, but it is an extremely low quality, pixelated photo. You're kidding me, right Topps? Couldn't afford a better pic? Raul Mondesi Jr gets his first RC after making his MLB debut in the Fall Classic and Addison Russell gets a pretty awesome Future Stars card of his own.

Next up, some horizontal 'preview' cards. Decent action shots of Wong, Shields, and Cain. The Cain is the best of this bunch because I'm pretty sure that that play at the plate was an important moment in the World Series.

Now, let's move on to some inserts. The Mascots make their return. I'm always happy to pull any of those. I like the concept of the Striking Distance insert and it's actually executed fairly well. I like that the milestone within reach is actually listed on the card front. I'm also digging the concept of the Alternate Reality set which showcases players wearing their team's alternate unis. I am a tad perplexed with some of the inserts though. Across the OD base set, the Topps logo is not done in foil and it looks great. On some of the insert sets, the logo is foiled and I don't think it fits well. Maybe I'm being nitpicky, but I think the logos would look better if they were done in the same manner as the base set.

The Superstar Celebrations insert is my favorite of the group this year, bar none. I think I may actually try to put it together for the first time. The Keuchel is my favorite of these from this blaster even if it does highlight his gem against the Yankees in the AL Wild Card game last season. The Reddick is a close second just because he has the double whammy of the pie in the face and the Gatorade shower going on in that pic.

I only pulled one blue foil parallel in the blaster, and once I saw it, I was in love! It's my second favorite card pulled. These are really nice in hand. Once again, they're not serial numbered, but they're probably my favorite parallel of this year's design. I think the blue will really work well once I track down some of the Yankees.

As usual, you're not going to pull any Earth shattering stuff in here, but this was a really fun blaster to rip. I may end up busting another one or two of these before all is said and done. Thanks for reading.


  1. I really like all the inserts in this and those foil cards look so good in hand. I picked through a box a guy at the card show had busted and grabbed most of the other Yankees, let me know if you need em

  2. Looks like a lot of fun for $10 there. Glad to see Wally the Green Monster and the other mascots appear again this year!

  3. One good thing about the SLAMCHEZ RC is that you can see the cool Sanchez tattoo on his arm.

  4. Really enjoyed OD this year, best inserts so far, will probably try to catch most of them. And the blue parallels are awesome! Matches well with Cubbie blue, haha! Managed to snag all the Cubs base and a couple blues, plus a few of the inserts, so almost have the full Cubs set complete!

  5. I picked up a blaster of Opening Day as well the other day and didn't even notice that the Bautista was a bit more zoomed-in than the standard Flagship version. I DID, however, notice the hack job Topps did with that pixelated Gary Sanchez card. I felt like I was looking at it through an old AOL dial-up connection.

  6. Hmm, it looks like they ran out of space for the Opening Day logo on the vertical cards and just threw it wherever. However, it's perfectly situated on the horizontal ones. Since it's not an extreme investment, I'll still buy some OD regardless. Thanks for sharing!

  7. I sticking with my decision - not buying Opening Day in any form. I was looking forward to the Stars inserts but am disappointed to find the 3D effect missing from the cards. Open to handouts though. ;) Glad you enjoyed your blaster! 36 pack hobby boxes are around 30-35, so very affordable.

  8. I had an Opening Day fat pack in my hands the other day and put it back. I really can't deal with OD's repetition of the base set with what the flagship design looks like this year. I'll pick up whatever OD insert I like online.