March 14, 2016

Return of the Single Card Post - Spring Training Edition

Since I needed a quick post tonight, I thought I'd pay tribute to a pretty darn good career. Thought it is unlikely to ever become a HOF career due to the cloud of PEDs, it's still been quite the ride. Alex Rodriguez has been quite the polarizing figure for most of his career. As he prepares in Spring Training, ready to enter his age 40 season, I pay tribute by sharing one of the first cards released if his. A card that I had wanted for the better part of 21 years(give or take). Back in the day, this card was way more than I would be willing to spend on a single card.

Upper Deck released this HoloView card in his RC year of 1994 in the same SP packs that his most sought after RC could be found. Late last year, I finally added a copy of this to my collection. I was even able to do it for 'free' by rescuing it from Listia. I know many stopped collecting A-Rod, but I've stuck with him all along. Why? I thought he was a great player, I cheered when my beloved Yankees signed him, and more recently, I hoped for his redemption. Perhaps he will never be truly redeemed, but I must say that I am quite pleased with how he twilight years of his career seem to be playing out. Here's hoping that his love of the game keeps shining through until he decides to hang up he spikes and call it a career. Thanks for reading.


  1. That is a sweet card,not sure how I feel about that guy anymore though.

  2. Awesome card! Arod definitely tainted his career, but I was kind of pulling for him last year. The MLB did a terrible job with his case. Instead of suspending him they wanted to make an example and they ended up looking like idiots.