March 10, 2016

One Card Closer

Things have been super busy for me over the past week or so. Just when I was settled into a pretty steady routine of juggling family commitments, it's time for my wife to go back to work from maternity leave. That means it's time to make more adjustments to figure out what normal is now. That has left precious little time for scanning and posting at the pace I was able to during January and February. However, I would like to mention that I was able to send out four long overdue packages today. Several more have been packed into their team bags and just need their bubble mailers to be addressed and sealed. For now, I'll reveal two of the four packages are on their way to my one year anniversary contest winners. You know who you are(though you very well may have forgotten). The other two are headed out as return packages to first time recipients. I've also started to compile some #supertrader packages that will be sent out after I catch up on a few other mailings that need to go out first.

Okay, blog business is caught up(for now). Let's get to the cards. Today I highlight the second package I've received from Stealing Home. Courtesy of this package, I am one step closer to completing one of the insert sets I'm chasing from 2016 Topps.

That Perspectives Robbie Cano is pretty nice and it leaves me only three cards shy of finishing the set. Eventually I'll update my needs list with 2016 sets. The Donnie Baseball was a new junk wax era single for me and though I have at least a dozen 1990 Topps Bernie Williams RCs, I can't pass up a chance to show it on here since he's one of my favorite Yankees. Thanks Stealing Home, I promise I'll be dropping a return package on you in the near future. Thanks for reading.

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  1. I'm glad that Mattingly was a new one.
    That Perspectives is a great subset. Hopefully I'll pull another one you need.