March 17, 2016

The Best Custom Sketch Card Ever

Sorry for another quick single 'card' post tonight, but it's been a long day and when I got this yesterday, I couldn't wait to share it! When I picked my oldest daughter up from school yesterday, we did the usual - she worked on homework and it worked on taking care of her two younger sisters. Against all odds, by the time she was done with homework, both of her sisters had fallen asleep which left me with some rare one on one time with my oldest. She went to her art supplies and told me she was going to draw something for me and that I couldn't look until it was done. A short while later she told me to close my eyes and put the following into my hand:

She told me to open my eyes and said 'look daddy, I made you a baseball card'! I didn't know what to say. I know I'm biased, but it think it's a pretty good effort for a 5 year old! She quickly told me to turn it over to look at the back.

She said it's card number six! Now, I'm not sure who this guy is, but look at all those sports he plays! He's a four sport athlete! I'm pretty sure he plays for the Dinosaurs! I've read all about the sketch cards out there and I know there are a few of you in he cardsphere that make custom cards, but this is the best custom sketch card ever! I even put it into a penny sleeve and top loader. It's found a permanent home in my collection. I can only hope that some other day she decides to make me another one(or two or three). Maybe I'll have to ask her to make me one for Father's Day. Thanks for reading.


  1. Five sport athlete! Apparently he's into extreme sports too. That's the most adorable and thoughtful gift a kid can give, right there.

  2. That is awesome. More baseball cards should feature dinosaurs!

  3. I have one of these in a top loader on my desk too!

  4. Her work and card design might improve if you buy her foil stickers. I think that card companies have tried to teach me that foil is better. ;)

    What a great card! I love that she thought to put a number on it.

  5. I've kept everything that my daughter made for me when she was that age. Great keepsake.